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Shipping worldwide below 100 g weight:
Shipping Cost of Priority Registered Airmail

Canada, Africa, North America: 5 USD
Europe, Russia, Israel: 4 USD
South America, Asia: 6 USD
Australia: 7 USD

Shipping worldwide below 350 g weight:
Shipping Cost of Priority Registered Airmail

Canada, Africa, North America: 8 USD
Europe, Russia, Israel: 6 USD
South America, Asia: 8 USD
Australia: 10 USD

Poster Tube : 2,5 USD

As you can see, shipping cost depends on items weight. One button is about 5g, the envelope is 15g, so for the sipping bellow 100g it's about 16-17 buttons in one envelope :>

Envelope: 15g
Tube: 110g
Button: 5g
Parade - fanbook: 150 g
Poster: 47g
Postcard: 5g

Here you can check how heavy your order will be.

Please remember that each order must include envelope or tube (If you order posters) so don't forget to add it's weight.

Also, please remember that with using PayPal there are fees. This are about 3,9% on the total price. Please see this [ calculator ] if you're not sure how this works (also, remember to check the Cross-Border Payment option, since I'm located in Poland).


I ONLY accept orders which are 6$ (not counting shipping cost) and more!
Buttons are secured inside a protected envelope, so they shouldn't get scratches.
Posters are sent in a hard tube, so they should be secure.
I will be sending items only after I receive the payment.
I DO NOT take responsibility for lost packages. If needed, I have a proof it has been sent. Thanks to confirmation code I can try to do something about it and get refund but theres chance Post office will refuse.
If mail has been returned to me because of your fault (Error in your address etc) You cover another shipping cost. If mail has been returned due to my error I will cover shipping cost.

All graphics belongs to Alath'erna.
Please do not use whithout permision.
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