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I accept commissions with adult content.

I am willing to draw any adult picture you want me to, I have some experience in this field and I'm pretty OK with most of the things you would want me to make.

  • I can draw a fanart for your favorite pairings or draw your original characters

  • I'll draw any gender combinations you want - straight, gay, lesbian, any other, I don't mind either. I would say I'm especially good in drawing men, but I'm up for a challenge and I would try to draw anything :>

  • I'm a pretty open person, I'm really not squicked by anything (well, as far as the Internet goes I think I saw most of weird stuff out there 8D). I'm OK with most of kinks so don't be afraid to ask, really :>

  • I might not be familiar with some kinks so the explanation is nice for me to get it 'right', once again, don't be embarrassed, there really is nothing to be ashamed off! :D.

  • The things that I won't do are:

  • Some extreme bara/bodybuilder characters, extremely huge breast, etc. I do draw well built people, but I prefer to stay in mostly human proportions :>

  • Few kinks are definitely not my thing, those would be:
  • some extreme forms of gore (but I mean, really extreme, some gore is fine, I guess that is up to negotiations)
  • vore
  • scat and watersports
  • bestiality
  • pedophilia (I can draw young looking characters, but yeah, extreme shota and loli is a no :<)
  • I'm not too comfortable with non-con, but this is up for a discussion, as it hugely depends on the topic
  • there might be some others I can't think about now, so yeah, asking is the thing :>

  • no furry characters, some animalistic features (ears, tail, horns) are OK, but a full animal hybrid is a no :<

That would be all, anything else is probably a go so just write you request and I'll see If I'm up for it :>

Also, pleas note that for adult pictures I'm using a little different way of skin coloring, it's more time consuming but looks definitely nicer and more natural, so I tend to charge a little more than for a 'normal' picture, about 5-10 dollars, but not more.

For the sample pictures with adult themes please go [HERE].

Or on tumblr [HERE].

Thank you!

All graphics belongs to Alath'erna.
Please do not use whithout permision.
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