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Sketch: 15$ | additional character +10$
  •  A simple sketch of one character, without any shading or bg.
  • sample | sample | sample
Lineart: 30$ | additional character +15$
  •  A cleaned lineart of one character, without any shading or bg. I like to add a bit of color to the linearts (as well as a bit of reddish overlay), so it's possible to do that too.
  • - Only black:  sample | sample | sample | sample
  • - With added color:  sample | sample | sample
Black&White/Monochrome: 40$ | additional character +20$
  •  A picture with monochrome (usually gray scale, but can be any other color) shading, smooth cell shading or half-tones, depends how you like it. I can add some simple color overlay (see the examples). Simple bg.
  • sample | sample | sample | sample | sample | sample | sample | sample
Full color: 60$ | additional character +30$

Those prices are for a waist-up. If you want a full-body shot add 10$ per character..

Additional fancy stuff like complicated machinery or extremely detailed clothing will have to be negotiated. More detailed background is anywhere from 20$ to 50$ and is up for negotiations as well. Thank you :>

The completion of the picture can take anywhere from a week to a month, depending on the difficulty and a queue (if it would take longer I'll notify you of course).

Warning!: This is only for Adults, please be aware that those are contents not suitable for minors!
If you are interested in Adult commissions, please see [THIS PAGE] for details.

All graphics belongs to Alath'erna.
Please do not use whithout permision.
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