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Here are some questions people ask me frequently.

● Q: When did you begin to draw?
I was drawing since I was a kid, different stuff, from animals to trees, using anything I could get my child hands on (often with disastrous effects 8D). However, if we're talking about the manga/comic style specifically, I started after I watched Sailor Moon and I started to copy pictures from magazines and coloring books. And by 'coping' I mean tracing :>

Those were just fun little pictures for myself, so I kept tracing and then redrawing those pictures to create different original Sailors haha 8D

But after I while I decided, heck, lets try to draw on my own andů I did. just like that, I stopped tracing and I started to draw from scratch on my own, and surprisingly, those pictures were even better. After that it's just practice, practice, practice (and a lot of hours spent oogling pretty photos of naked models, haha 8D).

● Q: How did you learn to draw?
Well, this will probably sound really boring, but I personally would say, try to practice classical anatomy first. Even if you want to change proportions of your characters to more 'mangaish', it's good to actually know how the human anatomy works. And then practice as much as you can. Don't get frustrated when your drawings aren't perfect immediately, it took me about 10 years to draw like I do now (which is still not that good and needs a lot of practice), so this takes time.

Also, don't throw your old drawings. I know a lot of people throw away things they don't like anymore, but I actually think it's better to keep all of your works. That way, after years you can see that you actually did some progress, and also, maybe you'll find old ideas inspiring and worth redrawing :>

● Q: What tools do you use?
For traditional works I use mechanical pencil fr sketch, sometimes a black ink or black 0.1mm sharpie pen. For coloring it's mainly watercolors of various types, colored pencils or Letraset Pro Markers. I would really like to try Copic markers, but I never had opportunity to get some (they're expensive >.<).

For digital works I use PaitTool SAI, a very light-weight program but perfect for manga-style coloring. I use Photoshop for some editing as well. The tablet I use is Wacom Graphire3, it's old (I have it for about 8 years 8D) but I's still awesome ♥

● Q: Will you make a tutorial?
I'm not good at explaining things, so I don't know if I ever make a real tutorial, but i made a video with my drawing process! :>
You can see it [ here ].

● Q: Can I use your pics for my blog/diary layout/other things?
Yes, I generally allow the usage of my artworks in non-commercial way. So you can use them to to make layouts, icons, avatars and such, but please credit me if you do.

You may NOT use any of my works in any kind of commercial projects (so no pins, postcards, posters, or anything else that you inted on selling, please).

If you want to repost my works on other websites/tumblr/your blog, you may also do that if you credit me.
Also, please don't erase my signature and watermark from the artwork and DON'T CLAIM THE ARTWORK AS YOURS.

● Q: Can I use your art for my RPG/novels/or other things?
Only the fanarts, those are not mine characters anyway.

You may NOT use any of my works in any kind of commercial projects (so no pins, postcards, posters, or anything else that you inted on selling, please).

If you want to use artwork with my own original characters, then the answer is NO. Those characters have their own back story and personalities, and I wouldn't like to see them with different names and stories.
I hope you understand :>

● Q: Can you draw my characters for me?
If you mean as a commission then yes, go [ here ] for details.

If you meant as a request, then no, I'm sorry but I simply do not have enough time.

● Q: Do you take commission?
Yes, please go [ here ] to read details.

● Q: Why don't you answer my e-mail?
Because I already answered that question here, in this f.a.q, or I did not receive you e-mail.

... or I'm just that slow with answering, which is usually the case, haha, I'm terrible at answering messages ._."

If you have any other question, feel free to e-mail me - alatherna(at)gmail(dot)com

All graphics belongs to Alath'erna.
Please do not use whithout permision.
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