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»»»  WELCOME  «««

... to 遮断 --- I S O L A T I O N !

A personal website of Alath'Erna!

This is a small webspace for most of my works. You can visit my DeviantART page as well for the most recent ones, or my LiveJournal for news and some latest sketches and art-in-making ^_^

Enjoy your stay!

All materials on this site are my property.
Please don't use any images without permission.
Leave your comments and suggestions, thank you!


    2006.12.00  ------  the site is open! [ more? ]

The site is open! :D

Not fully, there are some sections I need to finish, and some things that need to be changed, I need to add some older artworks, as well as new ones.

But I wanted to put everything online already, so I will be adding the rest later :>

Hope you will enjoy your stay ♥

All graphics belongs to Alath'erna.
Please do not use whithout permision.
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