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And Welcome to my tiny 'shop'. I hope to add many more items in the future :>


I ship buttons once a week (not counting preorders).
Basically you can order from Monday to Sunday and I will be sending all orders every Tuesday :>

I accept PAYPAL in USD currency.
I ONLY accept orders which are 6$ (not counting shipping cost) and more!

How this works: You can order any buttons at any time, but I will be sending them only once a week. So basically, normal order period is from Monday to Sunday. I organize all of the packages on following Monday and send them on Tuesday. That way you won't have to wait for your orders that long and it'll be more convenient for me :>

Please, also remember that I need to get payment before I send the package, so if, for example, you order your buttons on Sunday, but will not be able to pay until Wednesday, I will obviously send your order the next week. So the payment day date will be more important here. I hope you understand :>

⇒ Posters, postcards preorder open till: December 11th 2011! ⇐

Books, posters, postcards: Because of limited amount, if you wish to order books, posters or postcards, I need to confirm if they're in stock first. Just send me an e-mail with your order normally and then I will reply to you if I have everything ready!


For every 10 buttons you order, you will get one of your choosing for free! :D

All graphics belongs to Alath'erna.
Please do not use whithout permision.
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